Thursday, February 10, 2011

Various of Vegetarian

When you hear the term vegetarian, maybe people will immediately think about who is really anti with foods made from animal products and eat only plants. Actually, the assumption was not entirely true, there are also groups that are not too strict vegetarian and still consume animal products. Here are some types of vegetarians that you ought to know.

Vegan Group
Types of vegetarians this one is kind of very strict in terms of food. Vegan vegetarian groups will consume only plants such as vegetables and fruit. They are very anti-animal products, including honey, garments from animal skins, and all things related to animals.

Lacto Vegetarian Group
Lacto vegetarian groups are not too tight like a vegan. Lacto is the kind of vegetarian who will eat vegetable materials but also drink milk and other products made from milk.

Ovo vegetarian group
Ovo vegetarian group is similar to lacto vegetarian. They always consume plant products and avoid animal products except eggs.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian group
Lacto-ovo vegetarian group is a combination of vegetarian and lacto vegetarian octo, which consume the vegetable material but also drink milk and eat eggs. They also consume products made from milk, like yogurt, butter, cheese, etc..

Pollo Vegetarian Group
Pollo vegetarian type is arguably the most low-vegetarian group, meaning that this group is always eating plants or plant products as a staple food. However, at certain moments when they do not refuse to eat animal products like meat, milk, or eggs.

Group Pesco Vegetarian.
Besides consuming vegetable products as a staple food, these types of vegetarians also eat fish, but avoid other animal foods sepeerti beef or chicken.

That is the types of vegetarians who may yet you know in advance. Maybe you'll think, why people decide to become a vegetarian. Actually very good vegetarian for health, and this has been proven by many people and experts.

Someone who implement healthy lifestyle by becoming a vegetarian, has a relatively low risk of disease. Also can make live longer. You are interested in being a vegetarian, you can try it from now.

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