Thursday, February 10, 2011

Benefits of Vegetarian

Here is a series of benefits vegetarians who may not know

According to several studies conducted by health experts, meat eaters have a higher risk of cancer than vegetarians. The experts concluded that the plant products such as vegetables and fruit has many important chemical that functions reduce the risk of cancer, such as antioxidants and some phytochemical substances.

Disease-free cholesterol
It is no secret that the meat or animal products can cause increased levels of bad cholesterol. As already known, which continues to increase bad cholesterol will lead to some dangerous diseases, such as heart disease and stroke.

Preventing obesity
Another benefit is a vegetarian who can take care of your body slimness. Have you heard that people who diet should consume meat? Of course not. Instead, they must multiply to eat vegetables and fruits that have a low content of fat and calories but high in fiber.

In fact, obesity is one health problem. With a body who are obese, the body will be susceptible to dangerous diseases such as diabetes or coronary heart disease.

Strengthen bones
According to research, the bones will be strong indeed if given adequate calcium supply. However, when you consume animal products are very rich in protein, excess protein can inhibit the absorption of calcium in the body so the body steals calcium from bones and cause bone loss.

Vegetarians generally consume calcium from several types of plants such as spinach, broccoli, beans, or cassava.

Free of menopausal disorders
One of the benefits of a vegetarian is to minimize any disruption that commonly occur before menopause in women. When going through the menopause, female hormone estrogen will decrease and cause a series of disturbances, both physically and mentally. For example, the body feels pain, discomfort, uncontrollable emotions, etc..

All these disorders can be quite muted by eating the types of vegetables or some fruit. For example soy is rich in phytoestrogens, which is a substance that has characteristics very similar to estrogen, so soy is often referred to as a source of natural estrogen.

Not contagious animal disease or poisoning
Some animal food products can be contaminated with certain diseases, such as mad cow disease or bird flu. Some harmful bacteria can even be transmitted to humans by animals, such as salmonella or Campylobacter is transmitted by chickens.

Not only that, fish products can have some adverse effect on health because they contain heavy metals like mercury that can cause pollution in the body.

Live longer
Benefits of the biggest vegetarian is that you are more likely to live longer than non-vegetarians. This is because you are a vegetarian will avoid the dangerous diseases that lately become the main cause of death of a person.

That series of benefits vegetarians who was very good for health. In addition to keeping the body for not developing the disease, you can save money. As you know, today the prices of animal products like meat or eggs are very expensive. So, it never hurts to be a vegetarian, right?

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