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DIET to prevent migraine

If your headaches because migraine

may cause is a lack of proper food. Nutritionist Fiona Hunter explains that this problem can be overcome with proper diet.

Most of the trigger migraine attacks are certain foods, such as red wine, caffeine, cheese, and orange. These types of foods that contain vaso-active amines that can enlarge the blood vessels, causing a migraine for some people.

In many cases, migraines are caused by this chemical reaction than an allergic response. However, on a small portion of patients, the main trigger is a food allergy.

Sometimes the trigger migraine is also derived from a combination of various factors, such as stress, fatigue, PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and hungry, or certain foods. To avoid this, the British Migraine Association suggested to prevent blood sugar levels decrease when the distance between each meal apart.

Eat a little, but often. Avoid foods that are sweet, like chocolate. Instead, choose vegetables and fruits. Also it's good eating snacks late at night to prevent migraine attacks in the morning. Do not be late for breakfast.

Here are some notes from Alicia Hunter for migraine sufferers.

Avoid :
- Beverages derived from grapes, such as red wine, port wine, sherry and beer.
- Tea, coffee, cola, chocolate.
- Cheese.
- Citrus and fruit juices.
- Yeast extract.
- Long beans, banana, avocado.

As a successor :
- White wine.
- Tea or coffee that does not contain caffeine and herbal tea.
- Soft cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais (cheese made from goat's milk).
- Apples and pears.
Need to Look For :
- Make a note if accompanied by other symptoms of migraine attack or if relapse after eating certain foods or
- If migraine attacks associated with menstruation, avoid foods that cause a week before the menstrual period.
- If you have a habit of drinking red wine, replace with high quality. Research shows that red wine is very
  expensive to reduce attacks.
- For those who experience frequent migraine attacks in the morning, you should eat a snack before go to
  sleep at night.

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