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DIET to prevent migraine

If your headaches because migraine

may cause is a lack of proper food. Nutritionist Fiona Hunter explains that this problem can be overcome with proper diet.

Most of the trigger migraine attacks are certain foods, such as red wine, caffeine, cheese, and orange. These types of foods that contain vaso-active amines that can enlarge the blood vessels, causing a migraine for some people.

In many cases, migraines are caused by this chemical reaction than an allergic response. However, on a small portion of patients, the main trigger is a food allergy.

Sometimes the trigger migraine is also derived from a combination of various factors, such as stress, fatigue, PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and hungry, or certain foods. To avoid this, the British Migraine Association suggested to prevent blood sugar levels decrease when the distance between each meal apart.

Eat a little, but often. Avoid foods that are sweet, like chocolate. Instead, choose vegetables and fruits. Also it's good eating snacks late at night to prevent migraine attacks in the morning. Do not be late for breakfast.

Here are some notes from Alicia Hunter for migraine sufferers.

Avoid :
- Beverages derived from grapes, such as red wine, port wine, sherry and beer.
- Tea, coffee, cola, chocolate.
- Cheese.
- Citrus and fruit juices.
- Yeast extract.
- Long beans, banana, avocado.

As a successor :
- White wine.
- Tea or coffee that does not contain caffeine and herbal tea.
- Soft cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais (cheese made from goat's milk).
- Apples and pears.
Need to Look For :
- Make a note if accompanied by other symptoms of migraine attack or if relapse after eating certain foods or
- If migraine attacks associated with menstruation, avoid foods that cause a week before the menstrual period.
- If you have a habit of drinking red wine, replace with high quality. Research shows that red wine is very
  expensive to reduce attacks.
- For those who experience frequent migraine attacks in the morning, you should eat a snack before go to
  sleep at night.

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Various of Vegetarian

When you hear the term vegetarian, maybe people will immediately think about who is really anti with foods made from animal products and eat only plants. Actually, the assumption was not entirely true, there are also groups that are not too strict vegetarian and still consume animal products. Here are some types of vegetarians that you ought to know.

Vegan Group
Types of vegetarians this one is kind of very strict in terms of food. Vegan vegetarian groups will consume only plants such as vegetables and fruit. They are very anti-animal products, including honey, garments from animal skins, and all things related to animals.

Lacto Vegetarian Group
Lacto vegetarian groups are not too tight like a vegan. Lacto is the kind of vegetarian who will eat vegetable materials but also drink milk and other products made from milk.

Ovo vegetarian group
Ovo vegetarian group is similar to lacto vegetarian. They always consume plant products and avoid animal products except eggs.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian group
Lacto-ovo vegetarian group is a combination of vegetarian and lacto vegetarian octo, which consume the vegetable material but also drink milk and eat eggs. They also consume products made from milk, like yogurt, butter, cheese, etc..

Pollo Vegetarian Group
Pollo vegetarian type is arguably the most low-vegetarian group, meaning that this group is always eating plants or plant products as a staple food. However, at certain moments when they do not refuse to eat animal products like meat, milk, or eggs.

Group Pesco Vegetarian.
Besides consuming vegetable products as a staple food, these types of vegetarians also eat fish, but avoid other animal foods sepeerti beef or chicken.

That is the types of vegetarians who may yet you know in advance. Maybe you'll think, why people decide to become a vegetarian. Actually very good vegetarian for health, and this has been proven by many people and experts.

Someone who implement healthy lifestyle by becoming a vegetarian, has a relatively low risk of disease. Also can make live longer. You are interested in being a vegetarian, you can try it from now.

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Known & Understanding Vegetarian

Tradition and custom vegetarian actually had done a long time. This custom was originally a religious doctrine, but then evolved into a lifestyle. Especially with the higher number of degenerative diseases that kill the suspected animal from eating foods that contain lots of cholesterol, such as heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes ..

Vegetarian Society
The term comes from the word vegetarian vegetus which means the whole, live, fresh, healthy, so that understanding is a vegetarian who eats all kinds of fresh and healthy foods and avoid eating food from animal elements. The term vegetarian was first used in 1847 when the establishment of a community in the UK who avoid eating meat that is called the Vegetarian Society.

But vegetarians according to this community still incorporating elements of egg and dairy cattle associated results, such as milk, cheese, and so forth. So they are vegetarian for more on understanding the food away from meat. In its development, the group has spread to various parts of the world.

As a lifestyle, vegetarianism is also rapidly accepted by society. Pre world's top artist not a few who live this new lifestyle. Various restaurants or special vegetarian restaurants are also popping up. In addition, not a few great restaurants are always prepared vegetarian menu if there are consumers who ask for it.

Vegetarian Types
The term vegetarian was not derived from vegetable or non-grain crops, so that notion does not mean vegetarians who consume only pure vegetable seeds and avoid non other foods. This relates to the type of vegetarian who at least can be subdivided into 3 groups:
  • Semi-Vegetarian (Pesco Vegetarian or Pollo), a group of vegetarians who still eat fish food, milk, eggs, several types of meat such as chicken, but avoid the kind of red meat.

  • Lacto-Vegetarian evo, a group of vegetarians who are avoiding various types of meat or fish, but still consuming follow-up animal products, like milk, eggs, and cheese. In this group there are two groups: those who eat eggs but avoid milk, called ovo vegetarian, and the group who consumed milk but not eat the egg, called a lacto vegetarian.

  • Vegan Vegetarian, that is a pure vegetarian leave out all foods from meat, fish and associated products and only eat foods from vegetables, grain crops, and fruits. Even the various products other than food, but of animals for the sake of fashion, cosmetics and others are also shunned. In addition, this group is also known to avoid all products of insects and their derivatives, such as honey, royal jelly.

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Benefits of Vegetarian

Here is a series of benefits vegetarians who may not know

According to several studies conducted by health experts, meat eaters have a higher risk of cancer than vegetarians. The experts concluded that the plant products such as vegetables and fruit has many important chemical that functions reduce the risk of cancer, such as antioxidants and some phytochemical substances.

Disease-free cholesterol
It is no secret that the meat or animal products can cause increased levels of bad cholesterol. As already known, which continues to increase bad cholesterol will lead to some dangerous diseases, such as heart disease and stroke.

Preventing obesity
Another benefit is a vegetarian who can take care of your body slimness. Have you heard that people who diet should consume meat? Of course not. Instead, they must multiply to eat vegetables and fruits that have a low content of fat and calories but high in fiber.

In fact, obesity is one health problem. With a body who are obese, the body will be susceptible to dangerous diseases such as diabetes or coronary heart disease.

Strengthen bones
According to research, the bones will be strong indeed if given adequate calcium supply. However, when you consume animal products are very rich in protein, excess protein can inhibit the absorption of calcium in the body so the body steals calcium from bones and cause bone loss.

Vegetarians generally consume calcium from several types of plants such as spinach, broccoli, beans, or cassava.

Free of menopausal disorders
One of the benefits of a vegetarian is to minimize any disruption that commonly occur before menopause in women. When going through the menopause, female hormone estrogen will decrease and cause a series of disturbances, both physically and mentally. For example, the body feels pain, discomfort, uncontrollable emotions, etc..

All these disorders can be quite muted by eating the types of vegetables or some fruit. For example soy is rich in phytoestrogens, which is a substance that has characteristics very similar to estrogen, so soy is often referred to as a source of natural estrogen.

Not contagious animal disease or poisoning
Some animal food products can be contaminated with certain diseases, such as mad cow disease or bird flu. Some harmful bacteria can even be transmitted to humans by animals, such as salmonella or Campylobacter is transmitted by chickens.

Not only that, fish products can have some adverse effect on health because they contain heavy metals like mercury that can cause pollution in the body.

Live longer
Benefits of the biggest vegetarian is that you are more likely to live longer than non-vegetarians. This is because you are a vegetarian will avoid the dangerous diseases that lately become the main cause of death of a person.

That series of benefits vegetarians who was very good for health. In addition to keeping the body for not developing the disease, you can save money. As you know, today the prices of animal products like meat or eggs are very expensive. So, it never hurts to be a vegetarian, right?

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1 REASON For Slow Female Fat Loss & 5 Tips To Fix It

You may have heard (or realized!), that it’s more difficult for women to lose fat than men. Differences in male and female hormones are certainly involved - both in the fat loss process as well as in the patterns of fat storage on the body. But the biggest obstacle is NOT hormonal issues, it’s one little fat loss relativity factor that almost all women overlook…

That factor is the simple fact that women are usually smaller and lighter than men, yet they err by setting their goals and designing their nutrition plans like men or larger women.

This especially applies to short and petite women who still have body fat to lose.

Case in point: Last week I received an email from a female reader who told me she was doing 3 weight training and 6 cardio sessions per week and the cardio was 45 minutes at a clip.

She said she weighed 111 lbs at 4 feet 11 inches tall, but even though she was petite, she had “several pounds of flab” she wanted to lose and just felt kind of “mushy.”

She had been really inspired by the success stories on the Burn the Fat websites, especially the finalists in our Burn the Fat transformation challenge.

But she said she was starting to get discouraged because she was losing so much slower than everyone else, it seemed.

First I asked her if she knew her body fat percentage. It may seem odd, but it’s possible to be a so-called “ideal” body weight and have high body fat and low lean body mass. That’s called “normal weight obesity” or in the popular vernacular, “skinny fat”). With the prevalence of body image disorders today, (and lets face it, the mirror plays tricks on us all), it’s especially important to understand and objectively measure body composition.

Having confirmed that she did actually have body fat to lose, even though she wasn’t overweight, here’s what I told her:

When you have a smaller body, you have lower calorie needs. When you have lower calorie needs, your relative deficit (20%, 30% etc) gives you a smaller absolute deficit and therefore you lose fat more slowly than someone who is larger and can create a larger deficit more easily.

Here’s an example for a man

Me: I’m male, 5’ 8”, a lean 192 lbs and very active:

Daily calorie maintenance level: 3300 calories a day
20% calorie deficit = cut out 660 calories
Optimal calorie intake for fat loss: 2640 calories a day
On paper predicted fat loss: 1.3 lbs of wt loss per week
At 2640 calories per day, I’d drop fat rather painlessly. If I bumped up my calorie burn or decreased my intake by another 340 a day, that would be enough to give me 2 lbs per week wt loss. Either way, that’s hardly a starvation diet (Ah, the joys of being a man).

For smaller women, the math equation is very different.

At only 4 foot 11 inches tall and 111 lbs, a female’s numbers would look like this:

Daily maintenance level 1930 calories (even at a moderately active exercise level).
20% deficit would = 386 calories
Optimal intake for fat loss 1544 calories a day
On paper predicted fat loss only 8/10th of a lb of fat loss/wk.
If you took a more aggressive calorie deficit of 30%, that’s a 579 calorie deficit which would now drop the calorie intake to 1351 calories/day.

That’s pretty low in calories. However, you would still have a fairly small calorie deficit. In fact, I would get to eat twice as many calories (2600 vs 1300 per day) and I’d still get almost twice the weekly rate of fat loss!

I know, this isn’t “fair,” but it doesn’t mean women can’t get as lean as they want to be. It means that on average, women will drop fat slower than men. It also means women with small bodies will lose fat more slowly than larger women.

What to do about it?

#1 Set a goal that’s realistic relative to your gender, body size and weight. ONE POUND a week of fat loss is much more in line with a realistic goal for a small-framed female. Overweight people can lose it faster. Men can drop it faster.

#2: Weigh and measure all your food any time you feel you’re stuck at a plateau, just to be sure. When your calorie expenditure is on the low side, you don’t have much margin for error. One extra pastry, muffin or handful of cookies and ZAP, your little 20% calorie deficit is GONE!

#3: Remember that body fat and body weight are NOT the same thing. Judge your progress on body composition. (I teach how to measure your body fat and lean body mass in the privacy of your own home as part of my Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Program).

#4: Keep a weekly progress chart for weight, body fat percentage, pounds of fat and pounds of lean body mass. Water weight and lean body mass gains can mask fat loss so it’s possible to make progress even though the scale isn’t moving. Pay special attention to the progress trend over time.

#5: Burn more calories from the time you already spend in the gym. Suggestions: Make 2 or 3 of your long cardio sessions higher in intensity so you burn more calories in the same or even less time. Set up your weight training with big compound exercise and brief rest intervals so you burn more calories from strength training as well.

Dropping only ONE pound per week (or less) may seem excruciatingly slow, but even if you get a HALF a pound a week fat loss, that’s still progress. Celebrate it. Keep that up over time, and you will reach your goal. Persistence pays.

Train hard and expect success!

By : Tom Venuto
Author of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Founder & CEO, Burn the Fat Inner Circle

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