Sunday, July 25, 2010

THE THREE apples a day plan: your foundation for permanent fatloss
Sometimes it boggles my mind how many diet books writers and nutrition experts can come up with, each with their own special “gimmick.” Now there is a new diet book that suggests you eat three apples a day, one before each meal, for maximum weight loss and increased health.

So I read Tammi Flynn’s The Three-Apples-A-Day Plan with great skepticism, only to be pleasantly surprised to find that there is in this book a simple and easy-to-follow plan for weight loss and health that takes the basics we’ve all been hearing about - cutting refined sugars and eating more protein and doing weight training with cardio - and adds the fun aspect of apples. Flynn, a registered dietician and Group Training instructor at Gold’s Gym, suggests that by following her very South Beach-sounding diet and exercise plan, you can achieve greater results by simply eating an apple, any kind of apple, before each main meal. The theory is that the fiber fills you up, and the sweetness satisfies your cravings, and as many of the author’s clients’ claim, it works wonders.

The Three-Apples-A-Day Plan has more than 150,000 enthusiastic followers, according to the author. The plan itself is very simple, and again mirrors the South Beach diet and other sensible low-carb, low saturated fat plans on the market, with the apples thrown in for good measure. Yet even without the benefits of exercise, the apples seem to help with weight loss on their own. One thing the author does not insist on is taking expensive vitamins and supplements, like other diets do.

This diet plan is so easy to follow, and there are dozens of great recipes provided, as well as exercise guidelines, tips and scientific research to back up the claims. The many inspiring stories of Flynn’s clients, many of whom were part of the author’s groundbreaking initial twelve-week study through Gold’s Gym National Challenge, really provide motivation, especially their before-and-after photos and statistics.

I like this book, and this diet. It doesn’t ask for intricate food measuring and calculating every carb and calorie, and I think I can stomach three apples a day, as long as they are Macintosh and Granny Smiths. There isn’t a whole lot of new information that I haven’t already heard about on nutrition in The Three-Apples-A-Day Plan, but there is a lot of solid information, backed up by real people getting real results, and a gimmick even I could love.

After all, you know what they say about an apple a day…
by : Tammi Flynn

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