Thursday, July 22, 2010

VEGETABLES and fruit to diet
Try to consume at least one serving per day for each of these types. Some types of fruits such as apples and pears, can be used as a healthy snack becasue fresh fruits and green vegetables have fat and calorie content of low and very high nutrient so important to health, reduce risk of cancer and heart disease.

Fiber, water, and density in these fruits can’t help feeling satisfied, so that consumption has become a controlled snacks and healthy. Research shows that the benefits of antioxidants contained in fruits and vegetables turned out to be more optimal if both are synergistic because naturally, vegetables are foods that are low fat and low calories. Vegetables are also a source of fiber and various vitamins-minerals are beneficial for the body.  Advised to consume five servings each day: two kinds of fresh fruit and three kinds of green vegetables.

To ensure the nutritional content, we also have to start from considering the color. The darker color, the greater its nutrient content. If you like melon, choose a darker color. If you have to choose between white and red wine, choose red.  Add dark green vegetables to enrich the nutritional content of your salad dish. Dark green vegetables (tuber, spinach, broccoli) and vegetables and fruits, yellow-orange (sweet potato, carrot, mango) contain high levels of nutrition.

Increasingly short time that passed since the harvested up to the dinner table, the greater the nutrient you will get. If you can buy directly from the market where farmers sell their crops directly, or you even have a vegetable garden and fruit itself, then you are lucky. Even if you're shopping at the supermarket, pick fruits and vegetables that look the freshest. Avoid species that may have been a little wilted or his past their expiry.

Types sold in plastic bags can be a good choice because the alternative, a plastic bag will help the freshness of fruits and minimize the possible loss of the nutrient content of fruit. Vegetables and fruits are at peak nutritional content while still raw.

There are some nutritional content in vegetables that are easily soluble in boiling water, and some are destroyed by the hot fire that is too high. The longer the cooking, the more water you need and the more nutrient will be lost. Try it with a microwave that requires little water and cooking time is short. This is the best way to maintain the nutritional content in food. Boiling vegetables or faded with a little oil is also a good way of cooking.

With fresh vegetables to eat as will guarantee the integrity of vitamins that are often easily damaged when cooked. Conversely, your body also describe difficulties or ingestion of vegetables rich in fiber, such as carrots and broccoli. Thus, their nutritional content will be easier to use or be absorbed if the vegetables were boiled first.

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