Thursday, July 22, 2010

MARIAH carey’s balanced diet
Mariah Carey has a body shape like a triangle or a large inverted at the top. For that, she had a special diet to maintain body weight within the normal size

Apparently, singer "Butterfly" was refusing to mix proteins and carbohydrates that consumption. Tommy Mottola's former wife was also admitted that she had to watch her diet and how careful balance of food groups consumed. In addition, she should always do regular exercise.

"I do not diet by mixing a lot of oil or butter in food, but I separate the starch and protein extract. So if I eat rice, I do not eat meat at the same time. I also do water aerobics, swimming and pilates," said the excerpted from Femalefirst, Tuesday (26/01/2010).
By the way, the singer was 39 years old claiming she can control the level of body weight at the fair. She also realized she would never be slim to size zero.
"I think people should accept whatever size they have. I am happy with my size now. And the size zero, it never became a reality for me, because I have a big butt and breasts," she admitted.
"Size zero is not really healthy and natural, except for someone who has a body type like that. But to make it zero to starvation, it is not realistic. It would be better if people can accept all body sizes, but obviously can't," she said.

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