Monday, April 25, 2011

FIVE SIGNS unhealthy diet

Various ways do to have the ideal body. Without thinking about side effects, usually a mainstay of food restriction to make it happen. They were finally trapped in an unhealthy dietary pattern.

Poor diet is a diet that actually make you healthier, feel hunger, and malnutrition. Five of the following is a sign that your diet is bad and must be corrected immediately.

Bleeding gums
If your gums are often injured, especially when a toothbrush, or thrush, could be the food you consume less vitamin C to meet the needs of the body. Can also be marked with dry lips, cracked or bleeding. Therefore, consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of vitamin C. To speed up, you can take supplements of vitamin C. Do not let the body lacks vitamin C, improve your diet.

Hair loss
Hair loss can be a marker that your iron deficiency or hormonal changes drastically. This is caused by irregular eating patterns, nutrient intake is less, or stress. Do not make your diet and iron deficiency drastically alter hormone cycles. Usually a bad diet makes you lack protein, and vitamins A and D which makes the quality of the hair roots down and lead to hair loss.

Frequent fractures
When the bones in a very fragile situation, you will easily break bones. This indicates the body lacks calcium, or maybe you avoid dairy products, or high protein foods when dieting. Lack of calcium, protein and phosphorus can make bones brittle. Especially if you are not exercising. We recommend that if your diet, meet calcium needs with the sunbathing in the morning, drinking plain yogurt or soy milk and fish consumption.

Dry skin
The skin is dry, even scaly usually happens because you are deficient in vitamin E. Even if you already use a moisturizer, but if the body lacks vitamin E, the skin will look dull and dry. For that, multiply the consumption of beans, because they contain lots of vitamin E. Do not let it ruin your diet beauty of your skin.

Brittle nails
If your food for malnutrition, your nails will be very fragile. Thus, easily broken, peeling or white spots appear. That's because you lack protein, vitamin E, and calcium. Improve food menu with a menu rich in vitamins and spread nails with olive oil.


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