Saturday, August 7, 2010

7 KINDS of food to destroy fat

This is 7 KINDS of food to destroy fat and identify the following seven fat shredder meal!
1.Granola bars
Foods high in carbohydrates and fiber. When we consume will increase his or her body in burning calories. Also can lower insulin levels in the blood so the body loses the ability to burn fat effectively.

Is a food rich in fiber and good fats.

It's a bit spicy and stinging. The content of turmeric in it is useful to slow the absorption of fat by the body. Mustard we can get at the supermarket.

4. Hot Sauce
Full of food can also taste good. This is connected with the chili capsicin content which can increase insulin levels in the body so the body's ability to burn fat will increase.

Many contain phytochemicals. Presence is able to shed fat in the body of the pile, be powerful to kill virus and eradicate the fungus. Garlic also contains phytochemicals.

Can be used as sugar substitutes. Excess cinnamon is not contain calories, compared with sugar! Another benefit of cinnamon is the liver becomes more awake (related content which can increase the estrogen hormone), keeping the mood, lowers cholesterol and glyceride levels.

Rich Ω-3 fatty acids and fiber that makes us full longer and maintain healthy body cells. Consuming walnuts in addition to weight loss also reduces insulin levels so that the fat is not easy to accumulate.

Knowing the above ingredients, it's the materials above are accessible. For materials such as granola bars, flaxseed, and mustard we can get at the supermarket. Other materials, however we can get around us right? So what are you waiting? Add above ingredients into our daily menus! Can eat delicious, no-fat piling is not haunted?

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