Thursday, August 19, 2010

LET the food DO our diet

Want to lose weight despite eating a lot? It's possible!
It's simple. Obesity is caused when we consume food beyond the needs of our daily calories. When our caloric needs 2,000 calories / day, but we eat 3,000 calories, then the excess calories 1,000 (derived from carbohydrates, protein, and fat) will be stored in the body in the form of fat reserves. If our fat reserves reams continue in the body, be overweight!

Dietary rules state that if you want to lose weight faster, then you have to reduce meal portions and eat foods low in calories. But as an alternative to other diet, we can lose weight while still eating as usual, and let the food do the job for our diet with fat-burning foods.
 Food is a fat-burning weight loss naturally and work by speeding up metabolism so that it can burn many calories. Fat-burning foods can also suppress your appetite so that he becomes a person to eat less.

Lately so many product advertisements that promised to lose weight in an instant of time (such as decreased 8-12 kg / week). You should be cautious with products like this (usually in the form of drinks or "herbal"), because this slimming product rather than burn fat as promised in its ads, but spend lots of body fluids. Symptoms, you are so very frequent urination and always feel thirsty. Your weight is going down fast, but it's because the body is drained of fluid rather than fat. As a result, you will become dehydrated, and up to severe levels can cause death!. Thus, fat-burning diet with food is a safer alternative and more healthy for you.

Elaine Woosey, health experts, declared on her website about fat burning foods, that not a few people complain "it's hard diet" but fail because they do not know the right food, or because of arbitrary diet (fad diets). Based on her experience, she argues that the foods on this list can lose weight up to two pounds per day when consumed in sufficient quantities.

Woosey also recommend to people who are dieting raise the weight-control to be more servings of fat-burning foods here, because most food diet is what will make them fail when eaten too much.

This is a list of fat burning foods:
-Raw food and salad : fruits, vegetables, salads, legumes. Because vegetables and fruits contain enzymes that can break down fats in the intestine which can prevent fat absorbed by the body.
-Lean meat : like fish and chicken breast (without skin).
-High calcium foods : because calcium can break down the fat cells of the body, such as milk, yogurt, cheese and milk products other derivatives. Milk can also suppress your appetite so as to prevent eating a lot. But if you suffer from high cholesterol, should first consult this with your doctor. It is recommended you drink skim or low-fat milk when intending to use for a diet.
-Vitamin C : can melt the fat so it can be expelled from the body, such as apples, oranges, cabbage, and broccoli.
-Pectin : can limit the absorption of fat by the body's cells and "forced" to strip the body fat reserves. Sources of pectin are fruits, especially apples and albedo.
-Garlic and garlic oil : because it can reduce body fat reserves.
-Green tea : because it can speed up metabolism and helps accelerate fat burning.
-Red Chillies : pain spiciness can accelerate metabolism and help burn more calories.
-Olive oil : is burning fat and can lower cholesterol
-Appetizers : with the soup of natural ingredients (especially vegetables) can decrease appetite. Eat soup as an opener before the main menu.
-Soybeans and derivatives products (tofu, tempe, soy milk) : because soybeans contains lecithin which prevents cells accumulate too much fat and helps break down fat from the body.
-Drinking lots of water as a complement : Water serves as a "washing" system of the body and dispose of dangerous toxins. Drink plenty of water so that food fat burners can work optimally.
Other tips: drink lots of water before eating, then this could reduce the direct portion of your main meal. Moreover, the water contains no calories, so do not be fattening. And one more thing - if you still think that drinking cold water can make the fat? From now on, get rid of the myth was far from your mind. Our bodies can't directly use the water temperature is too cold or too hot. If the temperature of the water we drink is too cold, your body will convert cold water so that the temperature in accordance with body temperature. This process takes a number of calories. So, drinking cold water burn even more calories than plain water!
-CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) : conjugated linoleic acid or commonly referred to as a form of CLA is an essential fatty acid linoleic. Studies show that CLA can burn fat and increase muscle mass formation in the body -which is very good for people on a diet. In addition, CLA was also observed to increase milk production and increase insulin sensitivity for people with diabetes. CLA is a source of marine fish.

Besides reducing weight, Woosey also states some additional benefit from consuming fat-burning foods, such as: loss fat belly, reduce hunger, making sleep better, eliminate cellulite, to increase life expectancy and prevent the risk of heart attacks, cholesterol, and high blood pressure.
 (By: Elaine Woosey)

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