Saturday, August 21, 2010

6 HEALTHY FOODS but fattening agency

These are 6 foods that seem healthy but can fatten the body, as revealed by Eating Well :
Many people liked the salad. Naturally good for your health if you consume vegetables contained in the salad. Anne Daly, RD, director of nutrition and diabetes education diabetes & endocrine Springfield Center in Springfield, Illinois, said that the problem was found on the toppings. Therefore, before ordering a salad topping should make sure that given in accordance with your diet.

Protein / Energy bars
Protein bars usually contain protein and fiber-nutrients that help you feel full, but also contain many calories. No matter if you drink occasionally, but most of us treat it as a snack. If you want to eat it, select a protein bar that contains about 5 grams of protein.

Granola sounds healthy. But not a bit fat, sugar and high calories. Don't be fooled by the calorie count that look plausible on the packaging. Low-fat granola is usually just replace sugar with fat and calories as regular versions. It's good to read labels carefully.

Smoothie tasty way to help you consume the recommended servings of fruit. Yet studies show that these drinks contain more calories than solid food. Some brands contain calories as much bottled smoothies milkshakes.

Better to drink fresh fruit juices, eg orange juice has 110 calories per cup. Look for smoothies made from whole fruit, low fat yogurt and no added sugar.

Yogurt is a great way to meet your calcium needs, but not all yogurts are made equal. Some premium yogurt containing full cream milk can add to the pile of saturated fat in your body.

Low-fat fruit-flavored yogurt, but the "fruit" referred to is the jam (in which most contain sugar). You can choose low-fat yogurt that tastes fresh and toss together with fresh fruit or other sweetener of your liking (with that you'll use less, according to dosing diet).

Please note, although yogurt is a good source of calcium, some more yogurt for dessert than a healthy snack. Don't let the fat and sugar added to it damage the already excellent content.

Sushi rolls
There are various kinds of sushi rolls, some of which are presented in a way where the fried mayonnaise in it can add calories. As an illustration, the sushi roll contains eel, crunchy cucumbers, avocado, and "special eel sauce" contains almost 500 calories and 16 grams of fat (4 grams saturated fat).

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