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6 HABITS that unhealthy eating patterns

1.Contains a lot of fat:
Normal diet should contain no more than 25% - 35% of calories derived from fat. Many fatty foods can activate an immune response and cause inflammation throughout the body, including inflammation of the respiratory system, and affect the function of our lungs.

Reduce consumption of fast food is high in fat. For example hamburger contains about 1000 calories and 60 grams of fat. This means that approximately 50% of food comes from fat. For fast-food consumption should be limited to a maximum of two times per month.

2.High cholesterol:
There are two types of cholesterol in the blood vessels : Good Cholesterol (HDL - High Density Lipoprotein) and Bad cholesterol (LDL - Low Density Lipoprotein).

HDL function to remove free cholesterol contained in the blood vessels to prevent build up of cholesterol in the body and LDL functions to transport cholesterol to the entire network of blood vessels, are easily attached to the walls of blood vessels.
Excess LDL cholesterol can cause tissue is thin and attached to the wall plaques in arteries throughout the body. Plaques plates is called atherosclerosis.

Plaques plates that attach to the blood vessels will harden and narrow the flow of arterial blood vessels, reduce or even stop blood flow. Constriction of blood vessels that causes heart attacks, hypertension, and other serious health problems.

Cholesterol comes from two sources. First, the formation of cholesterol in the body, mainly occurs in the liver (50% of total synthesis) and the remainder in the colon, skin, and all networks that have a cell nucleus.
Second, cholesterol is obtained through foods such as meat and dairy products.

Perform blood tests to determine levels of cholesterol in the blood regularly once every single year, especially for those who aged over 25 years.

Reduce snacks or fried foodsReduce consumption of foods containing high cholesterol such as beef, egg yolk, cheese, quail eggs, etc.

Expand the consumption of foods that can lower LDL or increase HDL such as soybeans, avocado, salmon, tea, garlic, chocolate, cashews, almonds, and walnuts.

3.Contains a lot of sugar :
Sugar didn't contain other nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals or fiber. But a lot of sugar contained in carbohydrates, our bodies need for growth of body cells and as a source of energy-producing calories. To become a calorie, sugar in the body will experience the process of solving. The process requires vitamin B1. So, if we eat a lot of sugar, or carbs, it would be more and more vitamin B1 is needed.

If not matched by adequate intake of the foods we eat, the body will lack of vitamin B1. Consequences will arise on the functioning of the nervous system disorder that would cause the symptoms of fatigue, poor concentration, etc. Source of Vitamin B1 include nuts and seeds.

So, please consume food or drink sweet but not excessive.

4.Much salt:

Salt binding fluids in the body.
Excessive consumption of salt will make the ability of the kidneys in filtering the liquid is reduced because the liquid has been bound by the salt. If fluid can not be filtered kidney, then it could be pooled in the heart and cause serious heart problems.

Mineral salts containing sodium chloride (NaCl)
Red corpuscle should obtain an appropriate supply of sodium. If less then the grain will shrink the blood. If excessive red blood then the grain will grow resulting in high blood pressure (hypertension) and the potential occurrence of stroke. Another effect is the blood vessel can tear.  Excess sodium will also make the kidneys work "extra hard".

Consuming the ideal amount of salt per day per person is 2,000 milligrams, or about a third of a teaspoon. But this is the overall salt consumption of food or drink into the body. Not just table salt in cooking.
Need to see the content of salt in any food or beverages that we consume every day.

5.Lack of drinking water:

Ideally, our bodies need 6-10 glasses of water each day.
Benefits of water for our bodies:
• Streamlining the digestive system:
  - Consume adequate amounts of water every day will expedite the digestive system so that 

    we will be  unavoidable from digestive problems like constipation and ulcers or calorie   
    burning will also be run  efficiently.
  - Slowing the growth of cancer-causing substances, prevent kidney stones and heart disease 

    and make the body more energy.
• Maintain skin health:
  - When we lack drinking water, the body will absorb the water content in the skin so the  

     skin becomes dry and wrinkled. Besides white water can protect the skin from the outside, 
     as well as moisturize and nourish the skin.
  - Increasing the production of testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

6.Contains carcinogens:

Carcinogen is a cancer-causing substances found in food. Perform the following precautions when choosing foods:
  • Avoid food that looks or smells moldy, because it may contain aflatoxin which causes liver cancer.
  • Don't cook using high-temperature hot oil. To cook by grilling or sauteing (less than 240 ⁰ C) can prevent the oil or fat is changed into carcinogens. Wherever possible, change the way frying with boiling or steaming.
  • Be careful with meat that has been processed, dried and preserved. Nitrate and nitrite compounds are used for meat processing will be converted into nitrosamine substance during the process. Nitrosamines found in bacon, sausage and beef jerky. They potentially contain carcinogens. Nitrosamines are also formed in the drying process when the beer is produced. Nitrosamine most commonly found in dark beer.
  • Don't be too long to roast the meat at a barbecue. Combustion will form the substance of meat heterocyclic amines (HCAs) that potentially lead to colon cancer, tumors of lung and breast.
  • Substance additives and pesticides that are still found in vegetables and fruits suspected non-organic may be carcinogenic.
  • Wash or slash all fruits and vegetables before consumption or cooking. This is not going to eliminate all pesticide residues, but will reduce it.
  • Buy local products whenever possible. Because of the relative local products are not given chemicals to prevent damage during the distribution process of import.

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