Wednesday, August 18, 2010

DIET motivation ala beyonce knowles
Beyonce Knowles always buy a dress size smaller so that the spirit of dieting.

Who doesn't want to have a sexy body like the singer Beyonce Knowles?
Body plump wife of Jay Z wife is, of course not easily gotten. She must undergo rigorous exercise and dietary adjustments.

To go through it all, certainly requires a strong motivation. So what makes Beyonce Knowles could undergo a strict diet with the spirit?

It turns out that motivates her to get a slim body is to go shopping. Certainly different from her usually style shopping.

Beyonce Knowles always buy a dress or a smaller pants size. It's that she has strong reasons to lose weight quickly.

"I often buy clothes a size smaller than the size of my body, so I have strong reason to diet, that is to soon be able to wear it," said Beyonce Knowles is quoted from a case of

In addition, she revealed that her dream of getting an Oscar is one motivation for her to maintain her fitness and form.

Although she has succeeded in reducing body weight 6 kg, for her role as Deena Jones in the movie Dreamgirls, Beyonce Knowles was uncomfortable.

"I'm not comfortable when i have a body like a model, because it doesn't look natural. I also do not feel sexy, because it doesn't look like myself," said Beyonce Knowles.

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