Monday, July 11, 2011

Low Carb Diet or Low Fat Diet?

Atkins's diet is quite popular among those who want to lose weight. This low-carbohydrate diets favor as a key element in losing weight. And what about low fat diets are also often used?

Two studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine tried to compare both types of diets.

In the first study found that those who do low-carb diet was going to experience greater weight loss than those who use low-fat diet. Period used for the assessment is 6 months.

In addition, those who commit low-carbohydrate diets were also decreased levels of blood fats (triglycerides) are larger and also improvements in insulin sensitivity. Participants in this study are many who suffer from diabetes and had multiple risk factors for heart disease and blood vessels. But in terms of assessment of improvement in insulin sensitivity only involves those who do not suffer from diabetes.

A second study has a duration longer assessment is 12 months. Within 6 months, those using low-carbohydrate diet lost weight more meaningful than those using low-fat diet. Unfortunately, in the 12th month found that those who use low-carbohydrate diet will gain weight again and this increase was greater than those who undergo low-fat diet. As a result, the difference in the two types of these diets in weight loss becomes insignificant in a period of 12 months.

It seems polemic which includes both types of these diets will continue. Although low-carb diet seems to be the upper hand, safety factors need to be taken into account. Low-carbohydrate diet is generally done without restriction in terms of fat content and high protein. Therefore, any effects of long-term safety need further study.

It is not certain whether the low-carb is the determinant of weight loss and not a result of the low calories used. Therefore be careful with your weight loss program. Consult with a nutritionist to get the best referrals.

Many Americans are changing diet as if they were playing cards, trying to get the best ways that can help them lose weight. Among the famous diets in the last decade is the Okinawan diet, Mediterranean, Scarsdale, LA, grapes, rice, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and low-fat balanced diet is healthy for the heart of the American Heart Association.

All forms of diets were defeated by a new phenomenon. Nearly 60 million Americans are trying low-carb diets are referred to as "low-carb". Diet has been around a long time, but only now the darling of people. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. The so-called simple carbohydrates are red and white sugar and honey. The so-called complex carbohydrates are rice, bread, cereal, biscuits and pasta.

Those who are on a low-carb diet to eat foods that are high in protein and fat. They ate beef, eggs, sausage, bacon and pork. The theory is that reducing carbohydrates will cause the body to burn excess fat. They say this diet is not hungry like they experienced on a classic low-fat diet, fruits, vegetables, dairy and carbohydrates. So they keep doing the diet was longer.

The most popular Low-carb diet are Atkins's diet, South Beach and Zone diet. How populer? Book 'Dr.Atkins New Diet Revolution ", first published in 1992, has sold 16 million copies and occupy the number one position in the list of paperback editions of bestsellers on the New York Times. Atkins died in an accident last year, but the company achieve revenue gross 100 million dollars in 2003. While the bestselling hardcover edition is "The South Beach Diet".

Atkins's Diet, which allows people to eat meat in unlimited quantities, lately always been attacked by nutrition experts and health. The American Heart Association has stated "Those who follow this diet have an increased risk of heart abnormalities, kidney, bone and liver." In fact, there is no long-term studies show whether low-carb diet is safe or effective in losing weight. Research over the past two years is still on going, trying to find the answer.

Various programs have been low-carb diets put effort as a priority, surprising the producers of food, melonjakkan profits in the meat industry, but the disadvantage of other sectors. Sales of bread across the United States fell 1.1% in 2003, down 66 million dollars compared to 2002.

Several years ago the Sunrise Café in San Francisco Bay area sold 20 trays of cinnamon bread every day. Now the average is only one tray per day. Sales and potato prices have fallen sharply in the province of Manitoba, Canada. In January, three major manufacturers of french fries he had excess production of 500 tons. PepsiCo, which manufactures soft drinks company Pepsi Cola and Frito-Lay snacks, has been shaken. Income is unchanged from revenues in 1998.

Manufacturers of fast food like McDonalds, Wendy's and Hardees adjust. In Guam, the Burger King restaurant chain has teamed up with others to produce the 'Carb-wrap', which is a cheeseburger without the high-carbohydrate bread. This burger wrapped in lettuce leaves and placed in a bowl to eat with knife and fork.

Unilever, the giant British-Dutch company, has been hit hard. Unilever responded by creating 18 new products, called "carb options' or carbohydrate choices. This product such as peanut butter, spaghetti sauce, salad and low-carb.

But definitely the Americans need to lose weight. The country has experienced so-called 'obesity epidemic'. Not surprisingly, when a poll in January founded 61% of Americans want to lose weight. They want to lose approximately 9 pounds. Low-carb or low fat? Choose one!



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