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10 Genetic Factors Most Affecting Diet

According to Tom Venuto, a bodybuilder and author of "Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle," there are 10 genetic factors that most influence on a person's ability to eliminate body fat, build muscle, increase strength, and achievement in the field of athletics.

By examining these factors, will make us understand more about the effects of diet and exercise on a person's ability to remove fat and lose weight, are :

1. Basal Metabolic Rate
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of energy (calories) burned while we're on the move. Energy or calories are needed by the body to carry out routine functions, such as breathing, circulating blood, digestion, thinking, and others.

Genetically, some people have a deeper ability to burn calories, though not on the move. And when on the move, they burn calories with a very high level. And is this factor that affects their ability to remove fat from the body.

2. The number of fat cells
Genetically, every person born with a different number of fat cells. This genetic factors that influence body shape. Logically, the more fat cells, the more likely to be obese.

The number of fat cells in the body can be increased, but unfortunately can not be reduced (except by liposuction procedures are at high risk).

Fortunately, there can be changed, ie the size of fat cells. In fact, someone had a lot of fat cells remain able to minimize any size, so that her body be very slim.

3. The length of legs and arms

Everyone is born with a length of legs and hands are different. Genetic factors are not only affecting his performance, but also the strength, range, and its ability to shape the body and muscles.

4. The size of joints

Everyone has a different size joints. And the simplest way to measure the joint is by wrapping the thumb and middle finger on the opposite wrist.
- If the thumb and middle finger overlap, it means that your joints are small (usually 6-7 inch wrist).
- If the thumb and middle finger touching, meaningful in size medium (usually 7-8 inch wrist).
- If the thumb and middle finger do not touch, it means that your joints are large (typically at least 8 inch wrist).

Many people complain because it has great bones, and make it as a reason why they are obese. In fact, although the size of the bone is affecting the shape of the body, but it does not affect its ability to remove fat from the body.

5. Muscle crosses
In all humans, the muscles inserted into the same bone. But the point can be different hybrid. Even a very small difference though, could provide a major influence on its strength.

Genetic factors that cause this is why certain people are usually more powerful than others (they have better range because of the crossroads of muscles farther from the origin).

6. The number of muscle fibers
Just as fat cells, each person is also born with a number of different muscle fibers. Genetic factors are affecting its ability to develop muscles. The more muscle fibers, the greater its potential for growth.

7. Types of muscle fibers
In addition to the number, type of muscle fibers also different. These genetic factors will affect the durability and strength. That is why some people are better suited for activities that require endurance, and some others are more suitable for activities that require strength.

8. The ability of the digestive system
Some people have more efficient digestive system. Genetic factors will affect her ability to absorb and utilize nutrients.

9. Allergy and immunity to food
Some people are born with or become allergic and sensitive to certain foods. These genetic factors will influence the type of food chosen. For example, some people will tend to be vegetarian, while others become carnivorous.

10. Insulin response and sensitivity to carbohydrates
Some people are more sensitive to carbs. And genetic factors will affect its ability to eliminate body fat. The more sensitive a person on carbohydrates, it is increasingly difficult for him to remove fat from the body.

The Importance of Understanding Body Type
If we only judge of the 10 genetic factors alone, it seems the only way to succeed in shape and lose weight is by choosing "the right kind of parents."

However, even if you feel that nature has been doing is not fair, you can still entertain themselves by knowing the fact that the real success of the diet is not only determined by genetic factors. And most of these factors are under your control entirely.

Success does not always originate from genetic factors, but rather is determined by how you take advantage of these factors. If you have genetic factors that are less supportive, which means you must accept the fact that you probably will need more time than others.

In addition, you also need to adjust diet and exercise program. According to Tom Venuto in his book "Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle," you can still get fantastic results if you already know and understand your body type, then choose a diet and exercise strategies are appropriate.

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