Monday, August 8, 2011

4 good alternatives diet

The body is a wonderful one wishes almost all women, to get the women willing to go on a diet. But when the session lived diets, many people just are not strong back because the restrictions are tight enough to consume food. Before you get distracted by it or when you are getting bored with the current diet session, try to find a replacement diet to maintain health and keep your body beautiful.

There are some references that you can try diets as released Health Me Up.

Ornish Diet
Developed to safeguard against heart disease that often overload the mind. Ornish diet is usually characterized by being a pure vegetarian and eat very low fat content.

Observers suggested that the perpetrators of the diet consumed 15% calories from fat sources. Outside food, considering this diet rich in dietary fiber it focuses on physical exercises regularly.

Rotation diet
Rotation diet is usually done for those who are allergic to some food. One is to consume food that does not make allergies for four consecutive days. This will help someone who is allergic to having more energy after the diet was doing.

The result, this also reduces the occurrence of other food allergies. Typically, this diet is done under medical supervision. So, consult first with a nutritionist before doing the diet.

Elimination diet
Basically, this elimination diet focuses on replacing foods that cause your allergies to other foods is still of the same food group.

For example, if you are allergic to rice, including the group of carbohydrates, then you can replace it with corn that is still in the same food group.This diet also requires medical supervision. So, do this diet after a consultation with a nutritionist.

Macrobiotic Diet
Macrobiotic diet encourages a person when he wants to do preventive to health or to cure himself of a disease. Although there is no strong evidence to prove that this diet helps a person in driving the disease, but the best thing about this diet is a healthy lifestyle patterns.

For this one diet, the main foods consumed are whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and brown rice. This diet is very effective in fighting foods that have high fat content. Analysts expressed, in addition to eating vegetables and fruit, dieters should stay away from even this animal products and dairy products.

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