Monday, August 30, 2010

BENEFITS of Coconut Water
• No cholesterol, low carbohydrate, low fat, low natural sugar and 99% fat free
• Function as an isotonic drink for all ages
• Content of saline and albumen in it to help solve cases of cholera
• Effects of drug absorption and electrolyte help facilitate the entry of drugs into the bloodstream
• Cytokinin as an ingredient of anti aging and anti cancer.
• Coconut water can be a substitute for blood plasma as a sterile, does not produce heat, doesn’t destroy red blood cells and can be directly received by the body
• Make a melodious voice
• Helping to overcome kidney stones and stones in the urinary tract
• Drink a natural for babies who suffer from intestinal disorders
• Maintaining the body's natural fluid levels of dehydration
• Suitable consumed as a natural beverage while to calm down, meditation, driving, eating, running, aerobics, work, exercise, or other type of event
• Helps the body fight the virus that causes influenza, herpes, and AIDS
• Helps control diabetes
• Helps prevent osteoporosis
• Keeping your body cool and at the right temperature
• Make it easy defecation
• Strengthening the health of the thyroid function
• Helps kill the worm pinworm
• Helps kill the parasites Giardia lamblia
• Improved digestion
• The source of quick energy
• Relieves stress the pancreas and enzyme systems of the body
• Assist mengtasi gallbladder disease
• Helps to overcome fungal infection Candida
• Prevent the growth of Mycoplasma
• Helps to overcome eczema
• Helps maintain skin softness and smoothness
• Helps to treat burns
• Eliminate Acne
• Prevent and reduce gray

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